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World needs a large number of engineers, Managers. But merely producing the numbers might not benefit this great and beautiful country of Rwanda. That is why STES-RWANDA and STES-INDIA from PUNE University one of best universities in India signed Memorandum of Understanding to join resources and provide affordable quality education in Rwanda, to fulfill the corporate world needs. Our efforts will be to produce young technocrats and managers those who are readily adaptable in the industry. In order to achieve this firstly, we would focus on academics which will build the foundation. Students will be encouraged to take up co-curricular activities in their area of interest. We do support participation of students in various extracurricular activities. Come and experience with experienced teaching staff from India those who have been in education for more than 25 years. STES RWANDA is well aware of the social responsibilities and wishes to carry social activities through its students and faculty members. We are sure that our students will prove to be professionals as well as good human beings also in future.

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